Pentagon Paper

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The Pentagon Paper is a secret document that Daniel Ellsberg secretly reveal to the public by giving it to many different newspaper company.  Daniel Ellsberg is an activist and former U.S. military analyst, who later work for RAND Corporation (Research and Development), supported by the Government.  The Corporation contain secret information about the military and war that are not allow to be disclose to the public.  Daniel Ellsberg has been little by little taken the secret documents from the Corporation and copy it for later used.  He then uses those document to talk to some of the Senator to help him fix the problem or release it to let the public know but they all refused to help him therefor he has no choice but the gave it to newspaper publisher, knowing that he will be in trouble.  The reason he wants to ask Senator for help first because he know that they can protect and tried to get out of trouble even though he already did when he secretly taking those document without the corporation knowledge.  The reason he wanted to release this document because he himself was shock to find what was in there written about the war.  The secret documents contain many military information but most of all it contains information about what really happen in Vietnam and what the U.S. does over there.  The document contains a lot of wrong things that the U.S. did without telling the public about it, one of the things is when they say that they have withdrew all U.S. military troops from Vietnam but behind that lies there are still people over there.  Another thing that really shock peoples is the number of troops being sent to Vietnam, there are approximately 500.000 troops being sent to Vietnam by 1968, which is not long after the war start and month by month many young men were sent to Vietnam to risk their life.  One of the things that upset the publish is when they found out that capture enemy was tortured in a cruel way and they do not except what their own country did to another human being, even if they are enemy.  After reading through this document and find out all of the things that really happen in the Vietnam War time, he decided to let the public know what they should have known.  He betrayed the people that he works with to reveal the truth to the people of the United State.  Even though he was in trouble with the Government and the Corporation, he was protected by the public since they are thankful and support what he did.


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