Vietnamese, Communist Perspective on the War and the U.S. Intervention

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The main reason why the United State decided to get involved in the Vietnam War is because they are afraid of Communist party being spread to another country.  The U.S. believe in the Dominoes Theory, therefor if they let South Vietnam to fall into the Communist hand, the entire country will be turn into communist and there are chances other neighbor country might be turn into a communist country too.  North Vietnam and Viet Cong was supported by the Soviet Union, even though they are allies they don’t really send troops to fight in the war like the U.S. did for South Vietnam.  The Communist believe that the U.S. should stay out of their country business because if they do not really get help from their allies why did they have to send so many troops over to fight in the war that they have nothing to do with.  The U.S. at first was similar to the Soviet Union, they only support them with supplies and weapons but later they get more and more involved in the war and sent more troops over every month.  They even started the draft which angry their own people, that’s when the anti-war movement start and continue to growth more and more as more troops was send to Vietnam.  Citizens who live in a certain area was force to either stay and join the communist or come with the U.S. and South Vietnam into a camp that they will live while losing their freedom and property.  The communist wins the war by not only combat tactic but also using people emotion to bring down the Government, which is a smart move since they won’t be able to defeat the U.S. with power.  The NVA and Viet Cong has many time uses the number of their people that were kills, picture and news to let the U.S. public know what happen in Vietnam and that is also one of the reason that people were against the war other than the draft.  At the time of the Vietnam War, there are live news from Vietnam being on air to the public therefor people in the U.S. can see what happen in Vietnam.  Even though the U.S. has more powers then the enemy, they still back out of the war since there are many things that happen back in the United State that pressure them they have to choose between continue to fight this war or trying to organize the country once again and make things work.


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