Impact of the Vietnam War on the United States today

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The Vietnam War have a big impact on the United States today because after the war there are many chances that was made for a better world and peace.  One of the things that change is the use of chemical bomb and weapon because they learn that it is a really dangerous weapons that effect not only the enemy but innocent people that live in the area.  For example, during the Vietnam War, American drop the Agent Orange, also known as Herbicide Orange, an herbicides and defoliants chemical that was used to destroy crops bushes, and trees for better transportation and also destroying foods.  Even though it was use for that purpose, they never really evacuate the people there for many people were effect by it, not just them but their kids were also effect by this chemical.  The Agent Orange causes birth defects, cancer and other illness, and Vietnam claim that half a million children was effect by this.  Vietnam can’t fully blame the U.S. for this because the person who ask for this operation to be done is South Vietnam leader at that time Ngo Dinh Diem, so the U.S. should not be taken full responsible for this incident.  Another impact that we have in this war have to do with politics issues because there are many people oppose to the Vietnam War because of the draft system, the Government hide things that they did in Vietnam so it will take a long time for people to fully trust the Government and President again.  When the pentagon paper was released many people were upset about being lies to by the people that they trust to keep the country safe, and that is when trusting become of problem between the public and higher official.  Economic become a problem after the war, and since the United State is a big country moneys have to be used carefully and the U.S. is in a financial problem since they have to pay veteran who fight in this war, and it is a lot since they sent so many troops to Vietnam.  There is veteran who committed suicide and there are many suffered from psychological trauma after the war.  The United States spend hundreds of billions of dollars on the Vietnam War, include military cost, and aid to South Vietnam.  There is a lot of bad events that happen during the Vietnam War that many people will not be able to forget but the U.S. learn from this and tried to do things right from now on.