Student for a Democratic Society

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There are many anti-war movements happen in 1964, when the Vietnam was happening because there are many peoples were force to join the military because of the draft.  One of the anti-war movement that happen at that time is the Student for a Democratic Society (SDS), and this is a student activist movement that happen in the United State to protest against the Vietnam War.   Student Activist is student who work toward changes in political, environmental, economic, or social.    The protest at first start out as a smaller scale anti-war movement at colleges campus, but it later growth larger because of the demand of people to be send to Vietnam.  Everyday soldiers were killed in the war for a long time and they still sending more and more young men to Vietnam knowing that the chances of them getting killed in battle is really big.  Approximately 40,000 young men were called into service each month, which led to some 100,000 protesters to gathered at the Lincoln Memorial to protest against the Vietnam War.  Students are just standing up for their own right and try to stop the draft from happening because many more live will be taken away as long as the war is still happening.  Things get more violence when more and more protest were happening and students were being pushy toward the guards, and innocence life was taken way. A big protest happens at Kent State University happen in 1970, when resident Nixon announce the need of more men to be sent to Vietnam. Nixon announce it on National television that he will be drafting 150,000 more people to be sent to Vietnam for the war.  That is when an incident that happen at Kent State University that cause a riot because guardsmen opened fire on a crows and killed four students and wounded nine.  And as always it is unfair for people, and anyone who work for the Government is being protected.  Even though this incident was put into investigation it was later dismissed due to the lack of evidence.  Many were angry about his injustice judgement since many people saw what happen when the shooting happens but their view was never use as evidence for this case even though they are the witness at the scene when the shooting happens.  Afterward more and more colleges around the U.S. launches protest against the Vietnam War and the injustice case that happen at Kent State University.  Things start off as student marching and holding banner against the war but later it gets more violence and when that happen the protest get bigger and create more riot in the U.S.